FNI: Multilingual Dynamic Content with AI

Enhancing Loan Applications with Language Translation Services

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Financial Network, Inc. (FNI), a loan origination software company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, faced a unique challenge in delivering customized, multilingual content for their highly dynamic loan application portal. Their goal was to leverage artificial intelligence to provide accurate translations without duplicating data for each language.

About FNI

FNI specializes in providing innovative loan origination software solutions to financial institutions. FNI provides a comprehensive and highly customizable end to end solution for collecting loan applications, managing the business rules in evaluating loan approval, and processing financial workflows at scale.

Outcomes Snapshot:

  • Seamless integration of GCP AI translation services into FNI's loan application portal.
  • Increased user satisfaction through accurate and context-sensitive translations.
  • Eliminated the need to store multiple language versions, reducing data redundancy.
  • Enhanced global reach by providing a multilingual application experience.

The Challenge

FNI's application solution includes a web-based portal that needs to offer dynamic, customized content and forms in multiple languages. The dynamic nature of the content included industry-specific terms that should not be translated, while other content needed accurate translation. Storing different versions of content for each language was not a viable solution for FNI and would put undue burden on their customers, who sought a more sophisticated approach and less individual content maintenance.

The Solution

FNI partnered with MadeLabs to develop a middleware solution that intercepted the generated form and content data for the loan application portal. This middleware leveraged Google Cloud Platform (GCP) AI translation services to process translation requests dynamically, ensuring performance and accuracy. The middleware intelligently identified industry-specific terms that should remain untranslated while accurately translating other content based on the end-user's language preference. Since AI translation services occurring at scale could become costly, MadeLabs leveraged intelligent caching of data already translated to prevent excess spend.

The collaboration between FNI and MadeLabs resulted in a sophisticated, AI-powered translation solution that met the needs of FNI's diverse client base. The middleware facilitated accurate and context-sensitive translations, improving user satisfaction and expanding FNI's global reach without the need for data redundancy. This innovative approach positions FNI as a leader in delivering customized, multilingual loan origination solutions to their financial institution clients.


The partnership between FNI and MadeLabs exemplifies how leveraging advanced AI technologies can address complex business challenges that were not available to use only a few years ago. With the emergence of AI, and its accessibility to a wider array of business solutions, MadeLabs can help implement elegant solutions that will continue to evolve over time as a rising tide of advancements approach.

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